18mm Y offset after resuming from pause


I’m new to the forum and relatively new to 3D printing. I’m using a Lulzbot TAZ 4 with CURA 21.08 for a school project.

I noticed some warping around the edges of the print altought I’m using PLA with my bed set at 65 which seems odd to me because I did a test piece with a brim which was perfect. It was however smaller. I then paused the print to remedy to the situation by applying double sided tape between the bed and the print. That seems to do the trick for now. It’s 2.85mm PLA from MeltInk3d.

When I resumed the print, I had a 18mm Y offset. (The new layer was 18mm more towards the front than the bottom layers).

Could someone explain me what happened there because the explanations I’ve found online is that the belt slipped or something blocked the bed while it was moving. However, I’ve heard no noise that could lead to believe that the belt slipped.

Your help is greatly appreciated to understand that offset situation.

It’s more likely that the bed was moved or blocked somehow. You can test this by printing something, pausing, and resuming. The tool head should return to the original position and resume printing.

If this does not happen reach out to the support team at LulzBot.com/Support. They’ll be able to help track down what needs to be changed.

Get better part adhesion by following the first step here: https://www.lulzbot.com/learn/tutorials/pei-print-surface-maintenance.

Thank you for your reply Orias.

I will try sanding down the surface as the link you posted suggests.

However, I don’t believe anything blocked the bed because I know the sound it produces if it happens and I didn’t here such sound while I was sitting next to the printer. I’ll try to reproduce the event though.