XY shift after pause to clean blob off of print

I’m running a Taz 6 with an Aerostruder toolhead on a 24 hour print. About 10 hours in, I paused the print as a moderate sized glob of PLA dripped down onto the print, and I wanted to clean it off before it caused problems. After cleaning, I resumed the print, which seemed to begin again fine. Unfortunately after about 30 minutes it became apparent that the X,Y coords had been distorte by about a quarter of an inch on both axis.

Curious if anyone has ran into this problem and has a good solution. Thanks!

(I did recently update firmware, about a week ago, I can check when I’m at the printer & post back with version.)

we are having the same problem, but it only looks like on y axis so far. it started showing itself last week. i figured it was just because the screws in the guides under the bed were loose.
Nope. it seems to be getting progressively worse.
The bed moves smoothly by hand and the sheave on the y motor is tight.
im basically lost at this point.