2 Nozzles, 2 different test prints

So im working on really trying to dial in my taz (i just want this thing to work lol).
Right is .35 nozzle - all other settings area equal to the .5 nozzle
Left is .5 nozzle.

ALl other settings are the same.
The .5 produced a thicker print (this is just supposed to be a thin wall test). With no wiping, etc… all i can think is that the .5 nozzle extruded a thicker wall, and thus retained the heat and caused this.
any other thoughts?

Looks like over extrusion to me. I’m not sure if a different nozzle size would need an adjustment in e-steps, maybe someone else here can chime in on this. But that artifact you are getting is most likely caused by over extrusion.

i changed the extrusion multiplier about 3/4 of the way through the print and it didnt seem to make much difference.
It has to do something with the layer change. thats the corner its in all the time.

Im doing a 25mm calibration cube now with NO issues at 100% extrusion (normal).

Is that pla? Might need more fan for the thin prints.

nope… its abs

Huh. In that case, you might ne a little too warm. White abs, especially thin prints need slightly lower temperatures than other abs colors. I’m concerned about that weird section. That either looks like overtemperature deformation, overextrusion, or something loose in the print head letting the nozzle shift. But it isn’t showing up in your calibration cubes, which is odd if it is mechanical. Post a picture of one of them showing that same side so we can see if there are any residual surface oddities at that same location

exact same side on calibration cube…
all settings identical.
you may be right about the heat. never seen it happen on any other part.