Help a Newbie with his 1st 3d Printer

So I’ve recently been working with a Taz 5 and it’s been a little journey, right now, my big question for the community is that I need help with figuring out how to make my prints smoother. Like I have had little success printing things that aren’t either brittle or stringy (I expected the stringy prints were because I was using 1.75mm Filament and that made the figure look bad.) So after switching to 3mm Filament I’ve been getting somewhat better first layers but then I get issues like:
Yes this is the 20mm Calibration cube.

Ironically the one messed up side is the one closest to the fan so I want to say that it could be the fan causing it so I’m just really wondering what I could do to fix up or help get better prints.

Attached is the Specs in Lulzbot Cura that I had while running the cube.

I expect the .4 MM nozzle setting will cause some over-extrusion on your prints. AKA - extra plastic(rough) on walls.

What type of filament are you using?

Are you using the downloaded TAZ version of Cura if so all you need to do (maybe) is change the nozzle size. I would highly recommend using the Quick Print settings regardless of what you read here they work fine. Once you get the Z height switch properly adjusted that’s all you need to do. I owned two TAZ machines and aside from changing the temperature of bed and nozzle I did nothing else and I got good results.