3D Camera that Outputs to 3D Printer

Is there a 3D camera that outputs .stl or related file types? I’d like to be able to take a picture of a large object such as a tree and load it into my printer. Then I would print out a small tree. Can this be done?
Thank you

Yes, it can be done but the solution may not be in your budget. This article just arrived today from All3DP.

3D Scanner Price Check

Thank you, your answer was very informative.

I use the structure sensor - https://structure.io/ - that I bought a few years ago. After working on it through my iphone and ipad air 2, I finally bought the software to use it with a computer. It outputs to a zip file that holds the related info with a .obj file - though since I haven’t used the software in a bit, you might have more options.

I know I can directly drop that into simplify 3d and print those files.

Are you new in 3D scanning? Check this https://www.engineering.com/Hardware/ArticleID/14541/3D-Scanning-Understanding-the-Differences-In-LIDAR-Photogrammetry-and-Infrared-Techniques.aspx
Also there are a lot of info about 3D scanners for any budget but the problem is that high res scans require good (expensive) scanner. Personally I’m working with Artec Spider and this is damn expensive thing for enthusiast or hobbyist. Btw I’m not sure that i can take pictures of such large object as a tree with it, need to get multiple scans and they need to be composed after. I have to check and do it myself :stuck_out_tongue: