Isense for ipad air

Has anyone worked with the isense 3D sensor for the ipad air ? I have one on the way and just trying to see if I need to recreate the wheel. The info on it does say that it puts out the correct file formats. :question:

Once you get past the need to upload your scan to the cloud, and the +30 minute wait for processing- it works well enough. We were able to print a model with very little trouble:

Thanks for the reply. I see that what you said is true. I found and ordered an open tech. model that attaches to the Ipad Air just like the iSense does, from a company called OCCIPITIAL STRUCTURE SENSOR. From what I can read about their unit, it is hackable and open to all 3D printers. I’ll let you know how it is. Again, thanks for the reply.

I would recommend to take a look at “David Structured Scanner”. Even with my poor camera and regular projector I am able to achieve very good and smooth scans. The bad side is David software is not free. You can try it for free but you cannot save files.