3D Printer World Expo - Burbank CA

Any Lulzbotters planning on going?

January 29-31 2015


Thanks for pointing this out. I was unaware of the event.


I am. I plan to go up on Thursday, spend the night then go to the show Friday. I did this last year as well.

Glad to see Lulzbot will be exhibiting this year.

I wonder who will be there from Lulzbot?

Also I wonder if they will have a TAZ 4 or a KITTAZ in the raffle. I feel so left out now, no one talks about there AO-101 anymore maybe I can win an upgrade. :wink:

AO-100’s still rock! The prints I’m getting off my upgraded AO-10x rival the TAZ for quality, at least on the small side. I’m also really starting to like my aluminum bed plate. Heats up much faster.

TAZ are great too, but I haven’t taken that one apart and rebuilt it as much as I did the other one (yet).

They are great! I finally got mine tuned in and am getting pretty reliable consistent prints. It just seems like the AO-100’s forum gets few response and activity except form Orias and you Piercet occasionally.

I would like to do more tweaks but now I am printing a few parts out for the company I work for so I can’t have my machine down for very long.

I wonder how much it would cost me to source, buy & print out all the parts for a TAZ 4…

We’ll have two people from the LulzBot team out at 3D Printer World Expo: Alejandro and Andy! They will be running the new LulzBot Mini and a LulzBot TAZ 4 in the booth, come say hi :slight_smile:

i am thinking I will be doing just that very soon, I’ll let you know what I figure out in terms of hardware pricing.

Awesome let me know!