3MM HIPS in the Bay Area?

Hello! I just got my Taz Mini, love it! Rocktopus is printing away. For some reason I thought it came with more than 1 meter of filament (my bad). Is there anyone local to the SF Bay Are that might sell good compatible filament?

Thanks all! Great community here.

LulzBot said most of the presets and gcode gen. are for the materials and companies they sell on their website. They delivered pretty quickly for me on the East Coast. (I think they have warehouses all over)

For me, we had some running in with headaches from an old printer, so I was ready to take the easy, supported route.

Just to give a lil insight.

Thanks for the insight! I did immediately place an order for four rolls of HIPS on the Lulzbot store, but wanted to find something in the mean time (got the kids all excited, ya know?). I snagged a roll of PLA at Fry’s. It’s not the best stuff but it’s holding me over!