HIPS or PLA filament source

We just got our new TAZ 5 . We are very pleased with the product and are looking for some
RED HIPS or PLA 3mm. Lulzbot is sold out. We want quality HIPS or PLA.

What is a source for quality HIPS or PLA?


Try Amazon dot com, also just got some off an eBay vender… seems ok. But if Amazon is selling and stocking, plus Prime 2 Day Free shipping and might be better quality. Need to place an order right now!

Guys, I bought some excellent ABS filament off of amazon by the name of IC3D. Check them out. They’ve got about every color you could need, and it comes in either 1.75mm or 3.00mm both.

Gonna toot my own horn here and recommend 3Dom USA PLA filament. Very high quality stuff, tight tolerances, made in USA. No HIPS yet, though it is something we are looking at.