910 Nylon Adhesion

Does anyone here know the best glue/epoxy to use in bonding 910 Nylon. I’ve glued PLA and ABS before but never tried nylon before. Any help would be appreciated.

Elmers purple glue stick works brilliantly.

Just don’t put it on too thick, one layer is more than enough.

Thanks for the speedy reply, I will pick some up this afternoon and give it a shot.

Isn’t the glue stick used on the bed for printing 910?
I believe the OP is asking about what to use to glue two parts printed in 910 together?

Oh yes, apologies.

I would say superglue, epoxy doesn’t bond well to nylon. If it’s possible with your parts, alloy 910 makes strong threads. You can make and tap a hole and bolt directly into it.

I’ve actually tried tapping the nylon but the threads pull out with minimal torque. I will try superglue as a test but a wood screw worked out well for this application.

Interesting. I have used alloy 910 for proper clamping fixtures, tapped out with m6 thread and torqued to 12nm and never stripped a thread.

Glad you got it sorted though.

Another option is friction welding. It works excellently with ABS, although it’s difficult to make it look neat. Never tried it with any nylon filament but I suppose there could be difficulties with nylons low friction properties. I’ll try give it a go tomorrow if I get chance and report back.

When you refer to friction welding, is there a certain tool to use this application. This is very intriguing to me as I’m a machinist and welder by trade. I look forward to the outcome. Thanks for all the help.

A bit of filament in a dremel. The problem with it is it’s very very easy to cut through your part with the filament instead of join. But when you get it right it makes one hell of a strong bond and the pigeon crap can be sanded down easily for a flush finish. Given your background you’ll probably fare much better than myself, getting it right is all about a steady hand finding and maintaining just the right amount of pressure and speed.

There’s also another similar trick with a soldering iron which may work better for nylon.

Ps. I completely forgot about trying it will alloy 910 but if you haven’t given it a try yourself by Monday, I’ll give it a go when I get in to work. Assuming I don’t forget again :laughing:

I was just reading about the new Taulman Nylon 680 and the purchase site they refer you to has what appears to be a special adhesive for their nylon products.

Sorry if linking to an external site is against the rules and I will remove the link immediately. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page: http://www.taulman3d.com/buy-direct.html

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