Taulman 618 Nylon

More sample prints- this time with our Taulman 618 Nylon:

We have found that our nylon prints well at 238C. If you are using our Budaschnozzle be careful not to exceed 240C. Doing so can damage the hot end. It has similar warping characteristics so you may want to use “Brim” in Slic3r. The hot nylon filament sticks exceedingly well to anything cellulose based- paper, wood, cardboard and even skin. We recommend using Garolite, which is available from McMaster under item: 8474K121. How have you used it?

Excellent, can you guys go more into the print settings, like speed and infill that you used with the Nylon 618 to get such clean prints…I’m not having the same luck.

We do it at 238C, or it gets too oozy. You also have to print it quite a bit slower, like 20mm to 40mm/sec.

About how many prints can get on a sheet of garolite before you need to replace it? Since it’s ~$17 for a 12"x12" sheet it would be pretty expensive if you had to replace it each print or every-other.

You don’t need to replace it that often. That said, sometimes a bit of the garolite comes off onto the print. We’ve also sanded the garolite, which appears to help.

What could be used as a support material for Nylon printing?

Or since it sticks to wood, perhaps the wood filament?

Then perhaps use acetone to remove the support materials.

Heh, wood + nylon would be cool to do. We haven’t tried the nylon in any dual setups yet (that i know of).

Finally got the 618 Nylon printing well on the TAZ.

It shrinks so much that I ended up using a good size raft and brim…of course I am printing on fiberboard from a clip board until the garolite gets here. I might need to scale my parts due to the shrinkage in order to get accurate prints. Nylon certainly is different and does not stick to much.

It will not stick to Acrylic, Glass, ABS, Polysterene, Polyurethane, Delrin, Blue painters tape (at least the brand I got).
It will stick to Nylon though, so maybe a sheet of nylon could be used as a base too.

Also, I am heating the bed (90 C)

We have Taulman 645 Nylon in stock now too:



I noticed the shrinkage specs on the 645 are supposedly less than the 618, and closer to ABS. Have you noticed this?

Also, any thoughts on a different material for the PEEK isolator? Something that can handle the temperature better? Or maybe just a cooling fan?

got the 645 in today.

I noticed the diameter is a little large 3.11mm. This was VERY tight in my extruders, so I reamed the holes up a little and now it is feeding fine…but it is VERY oozy, and just slowly flows out of the extruder once it is heated up. This could be a problem with some dual extruder prints…If I can find something printable that the nylon sticks to.

This may sound strange, but you could try printing a raft of wood for nylon. Just brainstorming… We find Garolite works best (so far) for nylon bed.

I was thinking the same thing…using the wood (or even the stone) fiber as a support material for nylon.
I got some garolite, but I think it is the wrong kind. But I will try to sand it up and try it.

I also want to try some Nylon as bed material.

We’re going to try to replace the PEEK isolator with Vespel, which should take 300C without any trouble. Unsure if it will adequately insulate the cool zone as well? It is a polyimide that is extremely expensive - we had a small scrap left over from a customer job that is large enough to machine one, so we’re giving it a try.

How thick of garolite do you guys use?

I have tried 645 printing 3 times with the UHU glue stick and it just peels up every time. I tried 242 temperature and 75 bed temp.

can anyone point me to a tutorial about changing the print surface? i assume you just unbolt the 4 corner circles and put a new surface of the same thickness underneath where the pei surface is currently?

thank you so much. i just got my printer 2 days ago. i want to print in nylon so i can make strong robot structure parts


You latched on to a very old thread. I use Taulman nylon (Bridge, 910, 618,…) on a stock TAZ 5 bed with a thin layer of Elmer’s Washable School Glue stick (the purple stuff) to help keep the print from sticking to the PEI surface too well.

i tried the UHU glue stick recommended in manual and the print just peels. brim or no brim. doubt the other glue stick is going to make a diff. the nylon seems pretty impossible. I think i definitely need to lay down a different surface or something.

The glue stick absolutely does make a difference. UHU glue sticks are not PVA based like Elmer’s glue sticks which help nylon stick much better to the print bed.

great! thank you. i will give it a try

I currently have some unused rolls of Nylon 618 and I want to print with it smoothly on my Taz 5. I’m currently new to lulzbot and Cura and could use some advice on how to print with it, or even just some screenshots of the of the settings tabs before someone prints with it and the result.

I can’t seem to really find anyone out there printing with the Taz 5 in n nylon 618, so any help is appreciated.