A few Pre Purchase questions

I am getting very close to buying a new printer and the TAZ 4 is on the top of my list.

I do have a few questions about it before buying.

  1. What kind of smooth rods does it have (Chrome Hardened, Stainless, just hardened…)?

  2. Does it use linear ball bearings on the smooth rods or are they plastic sleeve bearings?

  3. What electronics does it use and what firmware?

  4. It does use ACME threaded rods for Z axis correct?

I have been printing for a little over 2.5 years now and I just want to see if upgrades will be needed out of the box or not, after upgrading my current printer from cheapo ball bearings and just hardened rods to good bearings and chrome hardened rods I feel they are a necessity for a higher end printer.

The rods are not particularly hardened material, but I’ve also not seen anyone manage to start wearing them out either. The rods use plastic Igus bushings, but there are retrofit parts available to swap them out for bearings if you so choose, which will result in additional noise, but possibly more accuracy. The Electronics are 24 volt RAMBO 1.2 units, possibly 1.2a running on the latest airduno marlin firmware. The LCD is the Full graphic LCD, the power supply on the 4 is a new fully enclosed unit. The threaded rods have been replaced by actual leadscrews on the Taz 4.