TAZ 4 detail photos

Would someone be so kind as to post photos of the TAZ 4 changes relative to the TAZ 3?



This one shows a good shot of the changes to the Z axis. The threaded rod is replaced by a leadscrew, the leadscrew is ssupported and constrained by bearings top and bottom, and a helical coupler replaces the tubing. The Actual Z nut mount is now a solid unit, not a spring as the leadscrew does not need the compensation that the threaded rod sometimes required. You can also see the new Y axis frame to main frame connectors just under the build plate. The power supply and electronics enclosure also changed significantly.

Here’s the full review that picture came from that someone else did.

I haven’t quite finished the conversion of my 3.2 to a 4 yet due to waiting on the bearings to ship.

It Might be a good idea to upgrade mine. These parts look more substantial then the 3. Thanks for the photos. Lulzbot could sell upgrade kits for this. I looked at some of the prints. It looks like I’ll have to machine the x plates and make some new rods but the rest of it looks like printed stuff.

there is a printable replacement top plate too.