A101, Marlin, Rambo, and fans


I have a A101 with the Rambo 1.0 board and Marlin 1.0.

The schematic shows 2 fan outputs.

M106 turns on fan-0. But, I am trying to use the second fan output and M106P1 doesn’t turn it on. (In fact, it M106 just turns on fan-0)

Is there a way to turn on the fan-1 output?

The board appears to have the components shown in the schematic.

I took a quick look at the marlin code, but nothing jumped out.

Is a later version of Marlin required? If so what is the last version that will run on the Rambo 1.0 board? (And, if so where do I get it?) (And can I just use the Arduino ide to upload it?)