Fan for Rambo board

I recently installed a new Rambo v1.2 board. I was able to upload the firmware and recalibrate the extruder just fine. However, there is one question/issue that I may have.

There are no pins for the fan blowing on the electronic board itself. In the upper right corner where it was on the original board, there are just holes for pins.

First, should they be there and it was just mis-manufactured or is this by design?

Secondly, how important is it to have a fan actually blowing on the board itself?



You can solder on 2 header pins to utilize that spot (x30) or if you ever convert the printer to use 24v, you would use the connection labeled “Fan2”. The newer RAMBo boards no longer have that connection soldered, as the only ones that did were the ones already installed within the AO-101 and the TAZ 1.

Thanks Orias. The header pins I can get at any electronics store?

Also is the fan completely necessary ?

THe board gets warm enough that I would put a fan on it personally.

You should be able to find header pins at any decent electronics/hobby shop/etc. Ebay certainly carries them.