ABS build up around nozzle

There seems to be some build up coming from the top part of the nozzle threads.

I figured the discoloration around the tip of the nozzle is normal, but the stuff leaking out the top is not. Any suggestions?

I was reading how this might be an issue with PLA printing, but I have only printed with natural ABS since I got my TAZ 2.1.
I print at 220 degrees and the bed at 85 in an enclosure, using ABS sold by Lulzbot, and only half way through my first 5lb roll. The printer still prints and has not had a clog yet.

Thanks for any help :question:

Have you taken the nozzle off recently and are you sure you nozzle was firmly seated against the threaded extension?

I am in the process of of cleaning up a mess I cause for the same reason only mine is between the PEEK and the threaded extension.

Also you clean up the discoloration around the tip with the little steel brush as the nozzle is heating up.

I have never taken the nozzle off. Never checked to see if it was firmly seated on the threaded extension since unpacking it.

If it continues and becomes a problem, send in your order information to support@lulzbot.com. All parts have a 30 day warranty, 3D printers have a 90 day warranty period. It’s rather rare for ABS to leak like that. If you do attempt to remove the nozzle, make sure it’s heated to 160C first, and the nozzle loosened while hot. Power down the printer before removing the nozzle. If it’s hard to remove, don’t continue, reheat and remove while still warm. Do not try to force anything.

I had my extruder assembly off this weekend due to a failed extruder drive gear. I have some ABS leaking onto the top of the heater block. Nothing around the nozzle threads below the heater block, however.

I have only ran ABS and have never removed the nozzle.

Email support@lulzbot.com with your order/contact information. We’ll be able to offer a couple of solutions, depending on your current warranty status. It may be a simple, quick and easy fix or something else. Either way, I’m sure we can get it taken care of.