TAZ 5 - first print nozzle problem

Very excited to start experimenting with our new TAZ 5. Assembled it, levelled the bed, and followed all the other setup instructions in the user manual. Once everything was calibrated, I got the printer up to temperature and inserted the ABS sample provided. Almost immediately, the filament started to leak from above the nozzle, as you can see from the pic attached. The ABS that did come through the nozzle correctly applied just fine to the bed, but most seems to be melting and oozing out of the side, as you can see. I re-read the manual and instructions, and trawled through these forums for suggestions, but I’m not sure what to try. Any ideas would be very welcome! Thank you

Watch the first part of this video, it shows how to tighten the nozzle and threaded tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stlrjY39l60

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tightened the nozzle as much as I dare, without dismantling the hot end (which came assembled). I’m still having the same problem unfortunately

It is possible your nozzle has a crack. My first Mini nozzle actually broke off during a print… That was a mess.

You should contact support. They will likely replace the hotend or toolhead if the printer is still under warranty.