ABS curling up after several layers


I’m printing IC2D white ABS on a TAZ-6. I’m really having trouble printing these parts, as one end starts to curl up after maybe 25% of the print. The initial layers go down fine and stick. I’m using the current dev version of Cure for the gcode, and the defaults for this material and printer; support density 20% object infill 20%, layer height 0.15

This is what I’m getting (this is mid-print, so it will actually get worse):

I’d be grateful for any hints

Bump the bed up to 110c, print with a 5mm brim, move your nozzle a bit closer to the bed in the starting Z offset, make sure your part cooling fan is turned completely off except for small parts or bridging, Possibly lower your base extrusion temperature a bit (5 degrees or so) as neutral ABS without the dyes prints colder. An enclosure helps many people. You can make a temporary one out of turkey roasting bags or cardboard boxes.

Thanks for your reply, I am going to try that.