ABS curling on first layer

Running a Taz 5 0.5 mm nozzle
270 filament
75 bed temp
White ABS 0.35mm
The first layer starts to stick and then starts to raise. Every layer after that just builds upon the bubble until the whole strand pops loose from the bed or the raft layer it’s printing on.

I’ve checked the Z height and added a ton of ABS slurry to the bed. Anyone else ever ran into this before?

Here is an STL of the part.
base.stl (8.09 KB)

75C is kind of cool for the bed temp on ABS. You might want to be closer to 90-100 for the bed.

I agree. You also might want to turn your first layer overextrusion up by 2-3%. ANd 270c for ABS is a bit warmer than usual. I usually print at around 240.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I was able to get the first one done, although its ugly and will take some sanding and filling but its done.

So for the second one I have set the bed temp up to 110C dialed the extruder temp back to 240c
Increased the first layer to be 105% and set my esteps back to 883.7 from 883.5.
Also, the Bottom layer speed is set to 15mm/s and the Top and Bottom layer option is 30mm/s

Hopefully, this will adhere much better. I’m off to melt plastic.

Good luck! You may actually want to speed up the first layer quite a bit. gives the ABS less time to cool before the next layer gets placed on top of it.