ABS Filament Disaster First Day

Well, so excited to get my Taz 4 today. Spent hours getting software installed and bed leveled. So got Printrun going, connected to printer, everything working so far.

My problem is with the filament… can’t print anything!!

Now I bought the printer on Amazon.com, and also 3 spools of blue “IC3D” brand 3mm filament. I can’t keep the filament extruding 150mm before it stops extruding halfway, and grinds the filament up. I’ve tried all tensions on the idler screws and same thing, all the way to as tight as they can go. Tried all 3 spools! Best seems to be firm tightness (~5mm spring length), but same old thing. VERY FRUSTRATING!! Even the green sample filament, about 1’ long, did this, but I think I got it good at 5mm before it ran out.

Notes to Lulzbot:

  1. Include a side view of the TAZ4 please! Best would be to provide front, side, top photo views or drawings with dimensions!
  2. Include a whole spool with the printer, sucks it had only a foot of filament!

Any advice appreciated! :astonished:

if you stick the extruder up about 10mm off the bed and just tell it to extrude filliament with no contact with the bed, will it go indefinitly? If so, your nozzle is too close to the bed.

If it still grinds out, chances are you have either a heater core or a thermistor issue. Potentially a loose fuse as well, but that would be rare. I would reccommend buying an inexpensive point and shoot infrared thermometer from a hardware / auto repair store (~$30-ish) and verify the nozzle is getting up to 230c like you need for ABS. If it isn’t contact customer service and they’ll get you all fixed up

Okay - simple things first.

What heat settings were you running? Nozzle and bed temp?
What were you trying to print?
What were you printing on? PET sheet with Lulzjuice mixture?
Did you create the gcode in Slic3r using a Lulzbot provided profile?

It might help if you post the gcode you used.

What a dolt I am! There needs to be some better documentation for newbie’s like me. I haven’t printed anything in previous post because I was stuck on getting the filament to extrude consistently. PROBLEM: mm/min setting was at default of like 200 or 300, so extruder gear was spinning so fast, it could not force the filament thru and ground it each time.

That GUI needs to be clarified. I did not change the setting because it was sitting next to the REVERSE button, and since I didn’t want to reverse, I didn’t mess with it.

Now I’m a mechanical engineer and CAD designer… maybe that’s the problem… but there are about five things I think should be clarified in the documentation, start-up guide and Taz 4 manual. I will create a thread tomorrow for that feedback, to make your product better. If I encountered these issues, I’m sure someone else will too! I only slept a few hours cuz I could not get trying to fix the problem out of my head.

Anyhow, just ran the calibration print, and it worked perfect! Now the octopus!

thanks for replies!
Paul Ray Effinger

Update… the octopus came out awesome… made a video of it here:

Good to hear…

“I only slept a few hours cuz I could not get trying to fix the problem out of my head”.

LOL…been there, done that.