ABS filament feed issues with .25 and .35 nozzles

After searching through the forum it seems I must post a new topic.

I have had my A 101 printer for about four months now and I am having problems printing with the small nozzles. The print starts okay but very soon the extruder’s hobbed bolt digs a groove in the filament and it stops feeding. It seems to work okay with the 0.5 nozzle but absolutely refuses to finish a print with the .25 and the .35 nozzles. Contacting technical support has not solved the issue. I have tried adjusting the temperature, print speed, idler bearing tension, and everything else I (we) can think of to no avail. Even running the 0.35 nozzle with the 0.25 settings did not help…

Just this evening, I took the hot end apart and measured the PTFE tube and found that although it is nominally the correct length, one end is cut at a pretty ugly angle allowing some material to extrude into the space. This component is marked as having the correct length tube per the service bulletin (i.e. it has a lowercase “a” handwritten on the lower plate).

Has anyone else had persistent problems of this type? I’m getting more than a little upset with it. I can get away with using the coarse nozzle for most parts, but I’m finding that I need higher resolution for my current projects.


Larrygair can you please post one or two of the gcode files you have tested with either the 0.35mm or 0.25mm nozzles?

I have been using the 0.25mm nozzle since almost the start and have had no ready issues other the messed up threads when tried to remove and 1 clog.

I’ve had the same problem with the .25 nozzle and ABS. It’ll print for a minute or so then the bolt will dig a hole in the filament and not extrude anymore.

I used the ini Slic3r files from the lulzbot download section. I keep trying to upload an example gcode file and the system here has issues.

I’d REALLY like to use this nozzle.

You cannot upload a gcode or text file here. But you can paste the content in your message, between “Code” tags.

Like this...

What temp and speeds are you using?

I use the nose of .25 rarely because something similar happened to me and sort it drastically slowing almost to 15mm / s

(Yo utilice la punta de .25 muy pocas veces ya que me ocurría algo similar y lo solucione reduciendo la velocidad drasticamente hasta casi 15mm/s)

Increasing the extrusion temperature can help as well.

Just to eliminate any confusion, you can upload gcode and models as attachments to posts.

That was not the case when I wrote that back in May. :wink:

Hehe. It recently came back up, so I thought I’d address it.