ABS 3mm @ 240C notching.

Model: Taz 5
Nozzle: .5 mm

Just started printing today. I got a roll of ABS, and preheated my nozzle to 230 and the bed to 70. During the calibration print it just stops kicking out filament. I suspected a jam so I let the nozzle heat back up after the failed print and pulled the filament, clipped it and tried 240C. Still having problems. I noticed it’s notching the filament and wondering if this is normal or if I need to clean the nozzle out.

Not shown in the picture, when I pull the filament, it also pulls out a long string of it. I am able to clip and replace the filament, let it heat up, and extrude piles of it. I am wondering if my nozzle is too close to the bed causing it to clog up, because I can raise the Z axis and dump filament all day.

You are either too close to the bed, or your spring tension is too loose. You should have 8mm between the inside of the two washers on each of the idler arm tensioner springs.

Thanks! This would be on the extruder, correct? Because I think those are too loose. I will try that tomorrow.

On another note, I leveled it by putting the nozzle down on a piece of paper, it had enough tension on it that when I move the nozzle with it on the paper it wouldn’t move the paper, but I could feel the same friction moving it by hand on all four corners that the Z-axis was zeroed out. Should I do this with a credit card, or is the piece of paper best?

Yes, the ones on the extruder is indeed correct.

For a starting layer height with a 0.5mm nozzle, you want closer to the thickness of a buisiness card to start. You also will want to find something metal and non meltable to use for that gauge, because you also want to set the thickness with the printer at print temperature. The nozzle will expand and get slightly longer at full temperature, and thats the length you want to set your bed height to. Otherwise you will end up too close to the bed.

Yeah, the tensioners were definitely too loose. I got it working, now it is bubbling but I think that might be too hot or bed leveling / nozzle height.

Looks like you are a tiny bit too close still. Bed heat for abs should be around 100 to 110. Neutral color filliment like that generally uses about 5 degrees cooler temperatures than darker colors.

So make sure to adjust the Z-endstop first, then try to slide a business card through. Adjust the Z-endstop until there is slight friction when sliding the business card.

From the pictures of your calibration print, the nozzle height is too close to the bed. The bead of filament on the bed should be oval. If flat and chunky, then the nozzle is too close. If circular or squiggly, the nozzle is too far from the bed. I think there is a picture of the desired ovalness in the quick start pamphlet that came with the printer.

ABS extruder temperature 245-250 C and bed 100 to 110 C. You need to measure the actual diameter of the filament you are using and enter that in the software. 230 is too cold for ABS regardless of what has been posted as a sticky.
Yes if your too close to the bed it will stop the flow and if you use to much pressure on the filament feed tension it will distort the filament and cause a jam. Get a set of feeler gauges most have both US and Metric dimensions marked, and use that to set your gap.

Just giving you all a follow up. I have been having a bit of success with my printer, everything seems to be sorted. I have some minor adhesion issues when the print gets higher up and starts leaving cracking in the print, but I tend to think this has a lot to do with bed temperature needing to be higher for taller prints.

Thanks again, the feeler gauges with the hot nozzle was a solid tip.

ABS has issues like your having, really needs to have an enclosure for tall or large prints. Try PETG you will have better luck all the way around. I gave up on the paper / business card right away, that is why I suggested the feeler gauges. I have the one I use out and bent at a 90 Deg angle so I don’t forget which one to use!!

Increase the extrusion temp a few degrees for taller prints with thin walls if you don’t have an enclosure. The heat from the bed won’t reach more than 5-8mm (unverified) up the project before dissipating. I like to start with 245C and stay around 241-243C for eSUN ABS… fan at 50-60%. You’ll know you’re printing too hot if the object or parts of the object deform (ie circles turning into slight ovals)…

Good luck!