ABS Juice Application

I have been using paper towels to apply the juice. It seems to produce an uneven application that leads parts to peel off the bed starting in areas where the coating is thinner.

What seems to work best for everyone here?

I go back and forth between giving it a quick swipe while hot, or by applying it when cool, and then allowing it to settle and bake on.

With a paper towel?

Yup! Any variations with the print surface tend to work themselves out within the first couple of layers.


I am not concerned about a thickness problem but, I am still having trouble with the prints detaching from the bed. This occurs even with a cardboard box enclosure. :confused:

I followed the exact “formula” stated in the Lulzbot manual.

IMHO if you have an uneven application, it means your ABS slurry has too much ABS in it. Mine is liquid apart from some undissolved ABS at the bottom of the bottle that I shake before using.

I used natural ABS and after application on the bed with a paper towel, it’s not even visible. Yet it works pretty well.

I’m wondering if with large prints like the TAZ is capable of, a heated enclosure isn’t essential. You’re not the only one saying the enclosure doesn’t completely mitigate corners lifting. You can try a brim…

I use a brim when I can but on some parts, like gears, it is a real pain to clean the brim off all those teeth. Cutting a brim off also does nothing to help the appearance of the parts.

Even with a brim, the corners lift sometimes, pulling the brim up where it is attached to the bed.