ABS Juice recipe

For those that like things spelled out in a bit more detail.
From RepRap:

(10mm of abs filament dissolved in 10ml acetone)

We’re trying this formula as I type this. I’ll report back when results are known.

I will say the haze on the PET sheets is much less noticeable with the 10mm/10ml formula than using Lulzjuice “recipe”.

I wanted to use something less subjective as well. My conversion of the original Lulzjuice recipe is 175ml acetone to 5g ABS. I use pieces from scrapped parts.

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Maybe it was just the filament I used but I seem to get better quality ABS Juice from fresh filament rather than scrapped parts. The scrapped part ABS juice always seem chunky.

Anyone else have this experience?

That sorta makes sense. I remember reading that Filastruder-type things cannot work with too high of a percentage of scrap. My Lulzjuice (using scrap) looks a little bit like slightly curdled milk, with little bits floating on the top. I have so far just shaken it thoroughly before each use. Next time I may try with new filament to see if there is a difference.

Hopefully, though, that will be obviated. I have my first print going on a 1/8" sheet of PEI. So far the part (a problem child) has all of the corners adhering after 2 mm of printing…

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This recipe seems to be working quite well for us. We’re using the “3mm” ABS from Lulzbot.

That filament may work on the factory glass and PTFE sheet but that will forever bond your part if you use that much ABS on a PEI sheet. I use about 1/5 of the ABS now and rub that on the PEI sheet each time. Zero ABS does work but not on long prints. I heavily diluted slurry seems ideal for PEI. Once you go PEI you will never go back. All 5 of my machines are sitting on 3/16" tempered glass with a PEI sheet glued on top. I love this combo.

I have a brand new Taz 4. I have made several prints on it before one of the corners on the last one started to lift. I made the juice with acetone and 75mm extrusion sections and then wiped it over the bed and now nothing will stick to it. I can’t print at all. The juice was 3/4 of the acetone bottle with 8 75mm strips in it as recommended in the manual.

ANy ideas?


#1) throw away the current batch of Lulzjuice
#2) get a rag and straight acetone and clean off your PET sheet really well
#3) remake Lulzjuice with less ABS
#4) Just apply enough new juice to PET sheet to give you a slight haze
#5) try printing again

The ratio of ABS to acetone is pretty touchy. Too much or too little will result in parts sticking or not sticking.
You have to find the best balance for you.

I assume your bed is level, your first layer is set to something reasonable, the temperatures you print at are proper for ABS, the ABS you’re using is of high quality…

This ratio here works extremely well for us:

10mm of abs filament dissolved in 10ml acetone

So we do 100mm per 100ml :smiley:

Good luck.

OK, it’s official, I’m over it.

Bed temp is 85C
head temp is 230C

I completely cleaned with Acetone and started with weaker and then stronger wipes of ABS juice.

Photos are attached. Does the juice look like the right consistency?

Any ideas?

The part edges curling up off the bed is indicative of ABS printing issues.

First thoughts are these:

  1. Raise your bed temp. I usually print at 95c degrees bed temp. Sometimes I raise to 100c degrees for first 2 or 3 layers then drop temp to 95c. 85c may be to low.

  2. Is your printer fully enclosed? Or open to drafts and room temperatures? Enclosing the entire printer so that ambient temperature during printing is somewhere around 90F is a HUGE help with printing ABS.

As for your juice consistency I can’t say. In the picture you posted where the part broke free and things got messy I’d say the haze on the PET looks a little light, but it’s hard to tell.

Are you using the Lulzbot provided configurations for ABS?
What’s your first layer height set to? May want to try increasing it to something higher?
You could also experiment with adding a “brim” feature.

Add more of the solution to the bed, while it’s hot. You want a visible smear left on the bed, not too heavy, or larger objects will be a pain to remove, if at all. Find the balance.