ABS printing WOES


I am relatively new to 3d printing. Using a fan I have had great success with pla prints and have learned to create my own objects in modelling software and covert them to gcode. ( I do not use a fan with my abs prints). My settings for abs are 130 degrees on the hot end and 85 degrees on the bed.

The issue I have is with ABS. I have an enclosure, I use the the abs slurry… and still I am having massive warping issues at the corners of the print.

I am printing a rectangle with a few holes in it essentially. It is about 8x8 inches wide and 5mm high for the most part with some areas reaching 10mm high. The plastic adheres well, or appears to. The warping only seems to occur near the end of the print at abour 4mm high or so.

I have successfully printed small abs parts. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have added more abs to my slurry and I hope that will help. I am thinking of adding discs to the corners - does anyone have any input on this method?


Hopefully that’s a typo on the ABS hotend heat, ABS requires 230. Ensure that your bed is set to maintain heat throughout the print. Some profiles back the temperature off after the first few layers. Also try printing with a 5mm brim layer.

Depending on which variant of the TAZ you have, 85 might also be too low. I’ve never figured out if the TAZ 3 heatbed still takes 85c or should be back at 110c

Adding discs to the corners does help keep ABS prints from lifting off the bed, as does a 5mm brim. We still recommend 85C for the TAZ3 heated bed when printing with ABS. Are the prints lifting off the bed, or splitting within the model?

The bigger the object the bigger the required brim. I like the discs option. It would be great if one of the slicer programs allowed you to put discs in.

It was a typo, sorry I had meant 230.

The prints have been lifting off the bed at the corners.

Typically, using the ABS & acetone solution, in conjunction with discs for troublesome parts allows for perfect adhesion. Even using the ABS and acetone solution by itself, you can print large parts. You may need to apply more to the bed.

If the ABS juice isn’t sticking, one other thing I have done is take a little but of the liquid plastic from the bottom of my ABS juice bottle and put it the bed and smooth it out with a knife as as the bed is warming up.

That sh$t will stick. Doesn’t give you the prettiest edges and it is b$tch to clean off the excess. But it a possible last resort. :nerd:

If my corners are curling up, could my acetone solution not have enough ABS in it?

I’m trying to print some flat objects.

the acetone solution should have dried and the acetone completely evaporated leaving a thin milky film of ABS coating the surface before you print. If it’s still wet, the parts won’t stick at all. If you can see ABS residue, chances are you have enough ABS in it.

Also make sure you don’t have a fan or draft hitting your heated bed. Putting up a little shield around it could help too.