Taz Workhorse intial layer not sticking

Hi everyone, I’m having some trouble with the initial layer not adhering well when using ABS. It almost seems as though it is cooling too rapidly, and not staying in place on the glass plate. However when watching the process I can see that the extruder nozzle seems to be further above the glass platform than it should be, this is just naked eye view though. I raised the initial layer temp, and set the initial layer print size larger and it helped but it still doesn’t seem overly stable and the initial layer is somewhat ugly.

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.

You will need to adjust your Z offset. It usually runs around -1.2 for a good first layer but that number varies from printer to printer so you will need to find your ideal value through testing.

Nopick is correct, your Z offset needs to be adjusted correctly for good first layer adhesion. More details would be helpful too. What temperatures are you using for the nozzle and bed? What type of ABS are you using? I’m assuming your cooling settings are turned way down in your slicer also, but it should be moot for the first layer.