Help printing 2-part case

I’m trying to print a case in ABS that i can screw together but every time I attempt to print it, it begins to warp on the corners I’ve added a large brim (10 outlines, 2 layers) and it still lifts. I’ve used hair spray to help adhesion but its still not enough.

Does anyone have any advice that way i can get a case that actually fits together correctly? I have Cura and Simplify3D.

How big is this case you’re printing? How does your first layer look? Is it close enough to the bed or too far away? If the first layer isn’t bang on, the rest won’t be either. Larger items printed in ABS tend to need a heated chamber to help prevent warping and layer splitting.

I recommend buying a roll of PETG and printing you case with that. I have had great luck printing PETG with PLA parameters and ABS bed and nozzle temps. ABS is great for some things but, has its issues. PETG does not warp when cooling like ABS does and does not soften in the sun the way PLA can.

The case is approx 8"Lx3"Wx2"H, someone else told me PLA would be better because the warping issue with ABS. If that would help i can do that.

The First layer looks amazing tho. No issues, brim and all look spot on. It starts warping visibly about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the way up. even with the bed running 90C and a case on my Lulzbot Mini to help maintain the heat inside.

EDIT: It’s also worth noting I’m printing it so the outer wall is printed up so it looks nicer. So I’m supporting the inside.

ABS likes to cool on its own. Turn off the fan for the first few layers. I like to wait until 3mm before turning the fan on to 50% or 60%. Anything more can again cause the ABS to contract as it cools.

Keep the bed temp at 110C for the first few layers also. Drop to 95-100C for the duration of the print.

Lowering the nozzle will probably help. A picture of the bottom could help us critique the initial nozzle distance. Can you remove the brim without scraping? If you can, I’d say you need to get the nozzle lower. In S3D, use a -.1 to -.2 Z-offset under the “GCode” Tab. Make sure to have a tool handy to get under the print… Lowering the nozzle could make the print stick too well to the PEI.

Another fix may be to give the PEI a little sanding using a fine grit.

And finally. If it still warps, try a temporary enclosure to trap heat. A blanket covering the printer can work, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the print.

Hope this helps.