ABS warping on heated bed

I have the Taz 5 and I’m printing with ABS and a bed temp of 110. The prints I am printing take a lot of time, like all day… and the ABS on the bed begins to warp. What do I need to do to fix this issue? Am I using the right temperature?


Try using a 5 - 10mm brim. It increases surface area in the corner for adhesion.

Your bed temp looks good @ 110C.

How does you nozzle height look? Print a calibration cube and look at the bottom. You want a pretty smooth surface, but still able to see the separation of filament. If the surface is rough and looks like rows of filament, then it may be too far from the bed.

Examining the brim is a good tell-tale sign of correct nozzle distance. It should be a consistent thickness with no variation in filament pattern.

Check the levelness of your bed. Print the attached ring and examine the bottom for consistency of the pattern and smoothness.

Hopoe that helps!
Calibration Disc 100x1.5.stl (95.2 KB)


I would agree with Kcchen_00. I had the same issue. I use a heated bed temp of 110°C, Nozzle temp of 230°C and the corners of my prints were lifting. My issue was the cleanliness of the bed, which was solved by wiping down the bed with an isopropanol wipe before every print, while bed is cool. Ever since i’ve used the wipes the prints are firmly stuck to the bed and can even be adhered so well that, at times, it’s tough to remove. I also do not use a brim when i print.

If you still have problems try using another material such as PLA or PETG.

Hope this helps!

Thank you both a bunch. I adjusted my printer head height to be a little bit closer, that seemed to be a big issue. I will also purchase some wipes to clean the bed off occasionally or consistently.