ABS Raft looks better than part

I know there are a lot of threads out there about ABS and the Mini but i havent seen any with this issue. I’m trying to print this round ABS part and i am using a raft to try and get it to stick better to the bed. The raft looks better than the actual part. I think it has something to do with my bed leveling sequence but I’m at a loss right.

Any body see anything that i may be missing

Attached are the last auto leveling sequence as well as the settings im using
Captture 4.JPG
Capture 3.JPG
Capture 2.JPG
Capture 1.JPG

What size nozzle are you using and what size do you have set in Cura?

Im using a .3 nozzle and thats what i have it set as in Cura

Are you sure there aren’t manifold or face issues with the model itself?

Post the STL, or if you can’t do that – try running it through netfabb (link below) to see if it finds/fixes any problems.

I think trying to print a .425 MM high first layer with the .3 MM nozzle is not going to work very well. It is not going to press into the raft very well.

That is the one thing i was wondering about. It does seem like its not applying itself to the raft. I also think that the bed is warped so i have a new one on the way to replace and ill try that.

Hmm… tough to warp glass. Check your bed leveling. Clean the wiper, nozzle and touch points. Any residue will cause inaccurate bed leveling.

I agree with kmanley57, hard to print a layer height taller than the diameter of the nozzle. Initial layer height is usually 10-20% less than the print layer height.