Mini nozzle hitting washers when printing

I’m printing a square that is 150mm x 150mm. I’ve set the skirt to 0mm to make sure it fits on the bed. Cura shows the solid being green and good to go. When I go to print it, the nozzle wipes perfectly, the bed levels perfectly, but when it goes to print, the nozzle crashes into the washers and ends up on top of the washer when printing the outline. I’ve never had this issue before, any thoughts?

I tried reducing the part area to 145mm and 145mm and the nozzle still crashes, the video is shown below.

Video of the nozzle crash…

I’m kinda lost. I’ve never had this happen before. Any suggestions?

Please help!

roboticbase.stl (142 KB)

I think i figured it out. I inadvertently selected support type “Raft”. If you load the part with raft applied, Cura still says it fits on the bed and will allow you to print. If you switch to layer view, you can see that the raft prints outside the acceptable area. This seems to be a Cura bug.

I’ll report back once I try the print one more time.

I wouldn’t consider it a bug. I never print with rafts, so would not want Cura restricting my print size assuming I was going to use one. One option would be for them to simply have a notification warning of sorts that advises if the print + raft dimensions exceed the print bed limits.

If the purge skirt is set for the normal 3mm offset on a 150mm wide part, cura will turn the model grey saying it can’t be printed. If you change the skirt offset to 0mm, the part turns green and allows you to print since it will fit on the bed. (155mmx155mm)

I would expect cura to follow the same rules with a raft. Granted I didn’t mean to select raft and I’m not sure how I selected it by accident, but I would think this would be a good safety feature to prevent crashing. Anything being printed should fall within the acceptable print area.

Anyway, glad it’s resolved but just wanted people to know to just be aware that cura will allow this crash to happen if you’re not careful.

This would also happen if a smaller part was printed in the corne of the bed with raft turned on as well. New users might easily overlook this.