Acetoning red ABS

I’ve designed some Lantern Corps rings and have had good luck with 2/3 rings (one Green and one yelow/gold). The issue Im having is (and ive had this trouble with red before) that when I go to acetone the red it turns white. ANy suggestions as to how I can use acetone on red abs and not have it turn white?

Do you rub it on with a brush? or pour it on? Anytime I physically apply acetone to any of my ABS parts I get that white hazy coating. But if I vapour smooth them using acetone vapour or heating acetone to become vapour I get the best results, smoothest, strongest objects with zero residue. Just an FYI.

When I’ve had to paint on acetone, I dissolved that specific color ABS in the acetone so that some of the colorants were left behind on the print. Vapor baths work best though if you can avoid direct liquid acetone application.