Any tricks for smoothing ABS lines on fast prints?

I tried using some acetone on a folded paper towel, rubbing my print while the towel is wet repeatedly. It does smooth the surface but leaves it a little lumpy. Sanding does not seem to work much either as it kinda gums up (before applying acetone). There must be a better way!

Any suggestions?


This works well.

TIP: Shiny Ceramic-like ABS parts with Acetone a…:

thanks nopick… very cool. I will try that as a final step. In the meantime, I rubbed acetone over the entire print using smooth chemical disposable gloves twice. I then followed it by rubbing with a paper towel soaked in acetone… the surface became very smooth.

I also had some cracks in my print. I fixed them by making an ABS slurry, 50% acetone + 50% ABS leftovers. I painted them into the gaps, some 1/8" open, several times and let it set before polishing. This also worked excellent on the seams where i welded parts together.


Here’s a pic of my latest print, assembled from four Taz 4 prints (chest, thighs, left arm, right arm):

It’s almost finished in the pic above… still have one more round of smoothing the seams left. You can check my progress for the bronze I’m making of it here:
or here:


That is a fantastic print. :open_mouth:

Great job!

How visible are the seams connecting the parts?

Here is a tutorial for acetone vapor. Just be careful

Very cool.