Adding Extruders - Taz 2

I’m a beginner who is looking for information on adding a second and possibly a third extruder to my printer.

I can’t seem to find much information about how to do this and what I need to buy. Does anyone have any advice or can anyone point me toward a useful guide?

Hey AmberJoy,

I don’t know that you’ll find a nice step by step guide yet, but there are two good threads on here you’ll be interested in:

You can get the STL files for the printed parts of some of the dual extruder options there, but you’ll still need to track down the other hardware you need to actually assemble everything. At the first link, bam mentioned that Lulzbot is thinking about a drop in dual extruder kit…no timeline though.

  • Adam

Thank you for your time and help. The Taz 2 CAN support up to 3 extruders, right?

I don’t think 3 extruders is an option without replacing the RAMBo board (which is the heart of your printer’s electronics). As far as I know, RAMBo boards can only support two extruders.

I’m sure you could find another printer controller that could drive three extruders, but you’d likely have a lot of work to do to make the wiring compatible with another type of board.

  • Adam

You’ve given me exactly the answers I was looking for. I really do appreciate it.

This printer is for my kids, but they need me to do these things for them. They’ve been having a lot of fun finding files on Thingiverse and adjusting the configurations in Slic3r to create what they want. Now they want the option of being able to print in more than one colour.