Taz 5 Dual Extruder to reach 300C

I just bought a Taz 5 and am having tons of success. The new extruder 2.0 (max 300C) gets a lot of the credit.

Now I’m looking to upgrade to a dual extruder but the current off-the-shelf Lulzbot option maxes out at only 240C.

What are my best options to get a dual extruder to reach 300C with the Taz 5? 3rd party vendors and hacks welcome.

If I am not mistaken I believe that are in the process of developing and testing a dual extruder for the new hot ends so if you just give it some time there might be a solution for your. Otherwise you can try designing your own mounting system in order to hold 2 extruders.

I figured it is part of the Taz 6. But who wants to wait months and months?

Apparently this is more “on the edge” that I realized.

Does anybody have an experience rigging up one of these dual extruders on a Taz 4 or 5?

Dglass3d HPX2-MAX
MakerGeeks DUAL-HEAD MK9+

or this:

Yes, I believe its user mushoo who has setup the HPX… He wrote about it in one of the stickied dual extruder threads.

Search “Dglass”…

Got it, thanks a million. Looks like it’s time to roll up the sleeves…