3rd extruder

I noticed on my TAZ5 HMI that 3 hot end temps are listed. I thought the Rambo board could only control 2. Can you really connect 3 hot ends and extruders to this machine? Can the control wires for both additional hot ends and extruders go through the unused pin connector on the top of the electrical cabinet?
I’m definitely planning to add a 2nd extruder/hot end. If 3 are possible I would consider that as well.

There are options to add additional extruders to a Rambo board. Usually if someone is adding that many extruders they would probably swap in some sort of smoothstepper based board (one of the Azteek sp? ones?)

Here’s one possible way to extend a Rambo board:

Thanks, piercet. I had read that link but was hoping for something a little more polished. Seems strange to me that the HMI would display options that the hardware can’t fully support (I’m aware it can read 4 thermistors, but that doesn’t run the stepper or hotend.)

Depends on the configuration of the printer too. Rambo is a generic board for a variety of printers. A Kossel style for example that only requires 3 motion motors would have an extra channel available for use as an extruder motor (the 2nd Z axis motor on the TAZ) The LCD on the TAZ is adapted for the TAZ, but it is a model used on a variety of 3d printers as well. The generic part is known as the “Full Graphic LCD” and it has the 3 extruder icons as a default configuration option.

Your polished option is going to be a different board unfortunatly. That or losing one of the Z axis motors which won’t work all that well with a Taz unless you link the two leadscrews to a central motor. thats doable, but would require a fairly major rework.