Additional Heating Resistors in TAZ4 and TAZ5


My name is Harsha and I have TAZ4 and TAZ5 at the lab where I work. Since, I wanted more heat, I was thinking of adding an additional heater resistor near the nozzle, so as to keep the filament more warm and liquidy. I wanted to ask how this was gonna affect the printer? Will the software support this change? Or will I have to change the entire setup altogether?

Please, do get back to me about this. Your help will be much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Harsha Bharadwaj

You can get a higher wattage heating element that will heat quicker or replace with a long heater block, similar to e3d volcano.


Thanks for the reply. But by increasing the wattage will I not have to change the entire 3d printer setup. As in get a lot of new parts?

I just have a few questions…
Why do you believe you need more heat (i.e. what are the symptoms of the problem)?
What type of filament are you printing with?
How fast are you trying to print?
What software are you slicing with?
How are you sending the gcode to the printer?

Unless the heating elements you have are “worn out”, the symptoms you are experiencing can probably be solved with adjustments to your slicing parameters.


Thanks for the reply. My aim is basically to get the filament inside the nozzle to be entirely a liquid. Usually, the filament inside the nozzle is semi- solid.