Large Diameter Nozzles Heat not keeping up

Hey guys

I’ve been experimenting with a 1.35 mm nozzle printing with nylon. With this large of a nozzle, I’ve had to crank up the heat from the typical 245C for nylon to 300C. I’ve been able to successfully print a few small parts, however on the larger prints, the heater for the nozzle fails to keep up.

I suspect this is due to the much larger quantities of nylon that are being pushed through cooling down the nozzle.

Are there any modifications I can do to my hot end in order for it to have a stronger heater that can keep up with large diameter printing.

btw I’m using a Taz 1 with dual head set up


Lowering the speed would be another option so the hotend can keep up. Assuming you don’t want to do this you might need a new type of hotend like this

This is occurring at the lowest speed I’m willing to endure- 14mm/s

Thanks for the link, however I don’t think I will be able to drop that in directly into the Taz1

Keep an eye on the opah directory, we may have something in mind :wink:

One other thing to check, is have you upgraded to 24v? The TAZ 1 came as a 12v printer stock, and may just need more power to maintain the heat with the smaller heater block.

Yes I did change it to 24V. Is there a different heater resistor that can provide a little more kick?

What you need is an elongated heater block (longer induction zone) in order to allow the filament to begin melting higher up. With the amount of mass you are running through the extruder, it needs more time to melt. In the above opah directory, you will see some photos of what we are experimenting with.

The best bet atm will be a longer heater block, or slow down the print so it has more time to heat the filament.