Adjusting Retraction

Hello All,

Just a quick question here on what I think is a retraction issue, I just wanted a little feedback to make sure I’m changing the correct values.
I’m running a TAZ4 generating my parts with Cura 19.12 and using the Lulzbot ABS_high-quality_TAZ_single-extruder_0.35noz_cura.ini for initial set up, with a .35 nozzle installed printing ABS.

The problem I am seeing is most noticeable on the first layers after it prints around a hole it leaves a string of plastic as is moves to the next section to print. (See attached pic) Currently the retraction settings on the advanced tab are set to Speed 15mm/s and Distance 1.5mm

It may not be a retraction issue. If you are seeing it on the first layer during moves, it may be due to overextrusion and excess plastic in the melt chamber. Or you could be slightly too close to the bed for the starting layer height you have specified. It’s also possible that you have the melt temperature for that material slightly too high so it is running without feed force. Another possibility is the filament is too narrow to make a good seal on the cold to hot transition point, so the normal minor vaccume pressure that is there on retraction may not have any effect.

Guess I should have specified that I saw it through out the print. It was just a better photo on the initial layer.
I was running the nozzle temp at 235C.