TAZ Dual V3 failures


What are people having success with for the tool change retraction amount? I assume my issue might stem from that, but also maybe heat creep?

I am getting pretty consistent failures on dual extrusion prints. After about 4-5 layers into a job, the filament stops extruding, roughly around the same time and typically on both nozzles. After examining things, it appears there is a very slight (I mean really small) amount of grinding that occurred. It seems that the filament might be getting jammed somewhere along the path to the nozzle. I have tried tool change retraction in Simplify3D @ 13mm. It seems that Cura 2.6 has somewhere around 5mm out of box.

I am running another print right now from S3D with 6mm tool change retraction. We’ll see how it goes. The frustration is starting to grow. I just returned the turd that is the V2 DualMetal and was hoping to have better results with the V3.

What type of filament?

I’m at .7 - .9mm of retraction for ABS… but that doesn’t sound like the fix to your problem.

Try increasing the extrusion temp by 2-5C… stay within the range recommended by the filament manufacturer.

Also give the idler/tension screws a turn or two. Lulzbot supplied the jig for spacing the screw, but can’t remember if they specified the use with filament unloaded or loaded…

Increasing the extrusion temps will ensure the plastic can keep up with the print. Increasing the clamp on the filament should ensure its being fed… if you retract the filament, it should be rough from the hobbed gear.

If you’re using ABS in both extruders, I can upload my S3D profile for you to try.

Is that your regular retraction or the tool change retraction, under the Other tab?

I’m using eSUN PLA+ for a two color print. I increased the temp from 208c to 213c as well as the tool change retraction down to 6mm from 13-15mm range. Also increased the normal retraction from 1.5 to 2mm. So far, no issue. I’ll have to play a little more with the tool change retraction setting because now I’m getting some ooze from the E2 side.

It’s odd because I did several tries in both slicers and had no luck. Now this one is close to done. Going to bed, hope it completes all the way.