Aerosteuder clogs oh my!

Depending upon the filament you use, the aerostruder can have a heat creep problem which ultimately results in clogs. In the standard single struder, cold pulls are king. In the dual extruder cold pulls are difficult but possible. In the aerostruder it is physically impossible.

The best method I have found for dealing with a clog is to remove the nozzle, and attempt to pull whatever is stuck in the filament oath down through the heater block. It is terrible. In some cases I have pushed items up into the gears but there is no way to push it out since the build up is usually bigger than the feeding tube which is attached ti the gear mechanism.

So my wuestion is this. Has anyone figured out a better way to clear clogs in the aerostruder?

One way that we use over here when we get a bad clog on an Aerostruder, is to disable the heat sink fan by placing an index card or something similar over the fan to prevent the airflow into the heat sink. Once you have the heat sink fan disabled you will then heat the hotend up to 220C for PLA or 250C for the higher temperature range filaments. You then let the hotend reach the temperature you have it set at, and let it sit for a minute or two. This allows the heat to travel up the heat break and soften the filament in the heat sink area. Once the filament has had a little time to soften, we then use a 2.5 mm hex head wrench and make sure the tension is loosened all the way and then stick the hex head wrench into the feed hole on the top of the extruder and then use it as a plunger to try and push the filament down and out through the nozzle.

I had my doubts but I just used this technique to unclog my mini.

Jams seem to be occurring more often since I started using Hatchbox instead of Verbatim. Coincidence?
I ordered more Verbatim…
I also use the increased heat method to clear clogs, however, i prefer not to jam the fan blade because the continuously applied
current to a non spinning fan will eventually degrade the fan motor. I have elected to pull the fan ground wire out of the connector instead.
It’s a simple push of the pin retention feature through the hole on the back of the connector and the pin slides out, fan stops.
The pin is the 4th from the left as you look at the back of the double row connector with the green arrow on it.

I have also removed the extruder nozzle after the temperature is up (as above) and then pushed some material down through the
now unrestricted filament path. This presumes that there isn’t a jam further up in the plastic feed tube.
It worked for me. There was some material left behind in the nozzle thread area, that was a pain to get out.
Also, if you elect to remove the nozzle, be sure that the heater element doesn’t also rotate and make contact with the support,
or you will see wisps of smoke as the support plastic starts to melt. Don’t ask me how I know this… :unamused: