Aerostruder Issues

Just installed my new AEROstruder Tool Head on my Taz 6.

  1. With the standard Taz 6 feeder tube the tube sits directly against the wiring harness. The same issue happens with an overhead spool feeder. Any suggestions? It appears that the wires will wear quickly against the filament. The install document did not have anything on the location to place the wires.

  2. I am relatively new to using the TAZ 6 and am getting bubbling on the test print. Rock2Pus. Any suggestions?

Using Village Plastics PLA that I got from Lulzbot.

Here are the additional photos.


I apologize if this sounds flippant. It is not meant to. But why can’t you simply (carefully) bend the wire harness forward? These wires have a fair amount of memory, and are strong.

Of course, reaching out directly to support might garner a better answer.

Feel free to move the wiring harness around as desired. As long as it’s not getting caught on anything it’s fine.