Aerostruder + Taz 6 cable management

So, I’m not sure if everyone has this problem but my Aerostruder has about 2-3 inches of extra wire length causing the connect to bulge out and sometimes puts pressure on the filament. I thought I solved this by moving the connect through the slot that holds the wiring from the machine side, but it sagged and actually ruined one of my 20 hour prints about 15 hours in :[

Anyways, I see that quiver uses a Taz Mini style cable routing. For the life of me I cannot find the .stl files so I can try to print this out, has anyone done this?

The quiver stl files are in devel. Without looking at the part, maybe this might be it?

Feel free to move the wiring harness around as desired. As long as it’s not getting caught on anything it’s fine.