Aleph Mountain Photos January 11th, 2014

Here’s an archive of 349 photos our building from a couple weekends ago. It has the cluster, the pilot assembly line, shelving layouts, samples, etc. Click on thumbnails to embiggen.

Wow! :slight_smile:

I like your office, and the view from it! I’m assuming the first few pictures are of your office. :smiley:

Real impressive printer farm! That’s 108 printers now?

I’m curious about the pink TAZ in the upper shelf in picture DSC_0118, specifically the Y_Bearing made of three plastic parts. Was that an experiment, before deciding to go with an aluminum plate to attach the printed corners for TAZ 3?

Wow, that is a big facility. Nice! You must have about 1/5th of the worlds supply of 3d printers in there heh.

Did you build your printer farm inside a bomb shelter under the building? :slight_smile:


  • you get points if you build in a giant vault door like in Tron/ T:L .

Ya, the building is quite the bunker…

Hmm, Then let me ask you this.

Are you dudes* bad enough to throw an awesome bunker party?

*ambiguous use of dude

LOL…this is really cool guys, and thanks for sharing. I had the impression that Lulz was a bit of a garage band start up … but sheesh, this is a serious set up. Reminds me of area 51…/ cyberdyne! :wink: Makes me glad and proud that I went with Taz4 for my first 3DP!

Looking to hire a CAD artist? I’m a Solidworks master… :slight_smile: