Show Off Your Makerspace!

What does your work space or makerspace look like?

Well, here’s most of my workspace!

This is my workhorse printer and workstation, It started out life as a Taz 3, it’s slightly different than most Taz’s you see though. The left computer is the document / e-mail / editing station, the big screen on the right is the 3d powerhouse / gaming PC, and arguably one of the fastest Personal computers in Washington state.

Edit: I don’t know why this picture is upside down, it looks right in preview and on the device. Oh well, maybe I work on the ceiling? I’ll fix it later.

This is Taz #2. it’s never seen the inside of the lulzbot factory, and is in fact a clone made from parts. I built it mainly as a testbed for ideas. It’s currently on safari out testing my new nova pro extruder design.

Here is my CNC mill. It’s a Blurry custom Ironman mini 24" x 16" x 8" 3 axis cnc mill, I can cut aluminum with it.

And here’s the printer that started it all for me. Believe it or not, this is an AO-100. Or it started out that way anyways. Literally the only things that are still origional on it is the Ramps board, power supply, Heated bed, and 4 of the aluminum extrusions. And maybe a few of the M5 bolts. Oh and that one upper frame corner piece! I’ll put it’s accuracy up against any of the other two printers any day though. it’s just smaller. Does great really tiny part work though. There is normally a PEI sheet on the bed.

Love it! The AO-100 and AO-101 series continue to be sturdy little workhorses. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks to LulzBot for your support of!