Alloy 910 Profiles (Cura and S3D)

Would anybody be willing to share their profiles for Cura or FF for S3D?

I love the way Alloy 910 comes out but the Cura profile is just ok. I.E. small thin parts start to overheat and sag as well as small bumps and zits.

I have a stock Taz 5 with 0.5mm V2 extruder.

I can’t share my profiles as I just change settings to suit with each print, but are you making sure your filament is properly dry? I had to make a dry box packed with silica gel for my roll to sit in else I just couldn’t make it print well. So long as it’s dry it’s pretty easy stuff to use.

I do. My wife just LOVES it when I cook it in the toaster oven at 150F for 2 hours.

The support adherence of Alloy 910 is the sticking point. I wish I could remove it better.

Build a little dry box, very easy to make in a short time with basic materials. I made mine out of ply but you could use anything. Nylon is very (can’t think of the word :laughing:) and attracts moisture like a magnet. It really doesn’t take long for it to absorb enough to affect print quality when sat out in open air.

Regarding supports, I rarely use them but they are one of the things S3D is absolutely brilliant for if you can afford it. I’ve not updated cura since 19.something so I’m not sure if they’ve changed at all but they’re always really quite simple to remove when sliced in s3d. You can always try making your air gap larger, some people report success with it but I’ve never managed to make much difference without adversely affecting the finish.

Thanks. I use a 50 cal ammo box as a dry box with a large dessicant. I’ll try to tune my profiles for 910 and post when ready.