Taulman Alloy 910 layer adhesion

I cannot get Alloy 910 to produce good layer adhesion.
I have used the pre-made lulzbot profiles in Cura 2.3 I have tried the stock head, a titan aero (aerostruder), and a volcano (Moarstruder) head.
I’ve printed some 20x20x60mm solid blocks. Aesthetically from the outside they look great, but as soon as you touch them, you can feel and hear the layers breaking apart.
I’ve also tried some spirals vases, and those just pull apart by hand.

I’ve read that people have gotten 910 to work just great, and others can’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated

A lot of times with Nylon materials, these issues can be caused by the filament absorbing too much moisture while it is being stored. A good way to tell if it has taken on some liquid is to listen to it while it prints. If there are pops and snaps like a bowl of Rice Krispies, it means that there is some liquid that is becoming gas, which then creates bubbles in the filament, resulting in the poor durability you are seeing here.

A lot of times if the filament has taken on some water, you can dry it out by lightly baking it in your oven. Here is a link that will be pretty helpful for this: https://www.matterhackers.com/news/filament-and-water

Another thing that could help with general layer adhesion would be to print with an enclosure, which will keep the temperature around the print consistent, resulting in better layer adhesion.

It was in a dehydrator for 12 hours just before the print. The filament (natural color) comes out clear with no bubbles, popping, or hissing.
When i had it in the moarstruder and it was a bit wet (just extruder to prime the nozzle, not printing), i could see the individual bubbles coming out and expanding, causing the filament stream expanding to about twice in size.

I guess i should look into enclosures, They are just so big

I’ve personally had the best results using a temperature of around 250 on the hot-end with Alloy 910.

We have an open code ticket right now for the printing temperature of Alloy 910.

What temperatures are you currently using when printing with this material?

Thanks Zachah. I’ll have to try it out when home. Layer adhesion just pulled apart. I’ll also check if I had the fan on or off since.

I have been testing a few parts with Alloy 910. I did experience very poor layer adhesion on my first print due to the part cooling fan running. It was running because I had modified a PLA profile to run the 910. So, maybe your fan is running.

I agree with zachah, 250C on the hotend produced well bonded prints.

Zachah, you might take a look at the Mini 1 w/ Aerostruder Alloy 910 profile in the newest released (3.2.27) Cura. I tried it first, before modifying my PLA profile. It was running very slowly and turning the extruder drive gear so slowly it was only extruding small bits of plastic. Something was definitely wrong with it.