Printing different temperatures using Alloy 910 filament

Hello Internet,

I did a test print of the Nylon-ish filament called Alloy 910 on a Lulzbot Mini printer. I figured this information could be put to good use by one of you talented wonderful people. The reason this was done is because my coworker thought that Alloy 910 needed to be printed at 290 degrees C, but the official Lulzbot profile for it was only 235. I designed a test to evaluate the range of temperature for Alloy 910.

I used tinkercad to generate an STL which had numbers corresponding to different temperatures labeled from the bottom u as “235” “250” “275” with “290” at the top, and then I used Cura to run the printer. I used the “Tweak” addon in Cura so that the numbers on the STL were the current temperature that the printer during those layers. Attached are pictures of how the print turned out.

The color changed with each temperature. As you can see, 290 is far too hot, and couldn’t even print. 275 was too hot, leaving burned globs. 250 was good, and so was 235. I would say that either temperature would work, but I know that given the option, I will be printing it at 250 so that the layer adhesion is stronger than it would be at 235.

I figured someone could use this! Enjoy!

Nice test.

Can you tell whether there is a difference in layer-layer bond strength between the temperature levels?