Another Extruder Mount

I have a tiny bit of remaining part inconsistancy that usually occurs in round corners. I “think” that might be related to flex of the extruder hot end itself as it goes around those corners. So, I decided that as I finally get around to upgrading to the Hexagon hot end that I’ve had sitting on my desk for 5 months now, I need to make a reinforced extruder mount to go with it.

I looked at the current Taz 6 prototype Extruder mount, and I liked most of it ( but i decided that I needed a different duct arrangement, since that one will hit my anti wobble units. I also wanted it a bit stiffer with some side reinforcing. So, I came up with this:

This one is a hybrid of the Taz 6 extruder mount, The stock Taz 5 extruder mount, and a reingineered duct design borrowed from Wolfie’s mount design. I shifted everything around a bit, moved the side duct in 5mm, added a return air circulation endpiece to help vent the air up and away from the part rather than down or out the side, added reinforcing wings everywhere, and thickened the backplate. It weighs more than the stock Taz 6 unit, but it seems to have less theoretical flex. So far the physical unit looks nice and seems to fit. no idea if it works well at all or not yet though. Testing will occur whenever I get the fan wires ran and ends crimped.

Anyways, Here it is. The duct endcap does need to be printed with support, everything else will print regularily.
Extruder_Carriage_3_0_b.stl (900 KB)
Extruder_Mount_1_Blower_Duct_Return_1_0_a.stl (156 KB)
Extruder_Mount_1_Blower_duct_3_0_b.stl (459 KB)

I hope yours works a little better. His hits the extruder body on the three TAZ heads I tried it on and cracked his part. But I would rather have the front mounted extruder cooling fan set up of the TAZ 6 with the right and left extrusion cooling fans. :sunglasses:

Currently printing out a carriage for my new TAZ of many colors I have started to work on. :ugeek:

It fits fine so far. I have it printed, just need to take a picture of it later. I print very little pla so the secondary cooling fan isn’t as big of an issue for me. I might make an alternative duct arrangement for it too.

Finally got it most of the way on the machine. Apperently someone ate two of my crimp pins, because I can’t find them anywhere. So one of the fans isn’t really functional yet. Aside from that though, it seems to be working great.

Looking at your pictures I see that you have the extruder aluminum mounting plate reversed. Does that help/solve the alignment problem I have with it I wonder? Maybe I will try and turn the plate around today and see if that helps me any.

Is it backwards? Huh. It seems to fit either way. I figured having the notch to the front would make the nozzle easier to remove for servicing if necessary. I’m getting really nice prints off it this way at any rate.

Well looking at the picture closer you also have the notch facing up which changes your nozzle height by about .5 MM, the depth of that notch. I tried just reversing the plate and the holes do not line up to work without a visual offset of the plate under the idler.

I’ll pull it apart when I get home and see what I did and if it will fit other ways better.

It works with the hot end on the correct way too!