Extruder fan for dual extruder

Any recommendations for extruder fan on dual mount?

Well, I tossed together one for myself - only works for one extruder - the one closest to the X mount - and it’s designed for E3Dv6 nozzles (and I’m using a custom bracket for that that isn’t completely working yet). I’ll probably redesign this thing soon, it is TERRIFYINGLY close to the bed surface, the left side Z-axis threaded rod, and it will almost certainly hit the bed clamps on the right side as well.

But, here you go! It works, I’ve been using it for PLA and such. You’ll need to take the heat-set screw inserts out of the old fan mount from the single-extruder. They’re used to keep the two pieces of this fan mount together, as well as to mount the fan.

I’m open to suggestions on how to make this thing work better! It’s still got a long ways to go.
Fan Mount Dualie C.stl (219 KB)
Fan Coupler Dualie C.stl (124 KB)