Dual Cooling fan upgrade from Mangrove

I’ve scoured the dev repo and can’t find the file for the left hand fan mount. Can anyone find or share the file? You can see it here.


Wrong Name It’s Mangrove now… :slight_smile:

Look here.


That left right stl seems corrupt on my phone.

Yes, but a quick repair in Netfabb fixed them for me. :sunglasses:

Ahh, makes sense. Thanks. I’m printing the extruder mount and the three fan ducts. Hopefully It will be an easy upgrade. I’ll have to figure out a probe mount once I have this together.

I have the toolhead mount, left / right, and heat sink ducts printed. There is a slight contact issue with both the left and right fan ducts but a quick slice with a knife fixed it. Also put the heat set inserts in. I have 2 24v volt and 1 5v fan, and the 2 pin connectors on order to complete the upgrade. I’ll post a BOM and photos once I get it together. I’m hoping the Juniper extruder mount fits.

Here is the completed dual fan upgrade on my taz 5. Also managed to squeeze in the probe holder for auto leveling. The weak blower was replaced with a 5v fan. The only issue out of the whole upgrade is the strengthened extruder mount is about 7mm shifted to the right with the new carriage mount. I’ll have to modify the file. Otherwise it’s at awesome upgrade.

So it would appear that the fans work so well that with the new 1.1FW the thermal runaway mode it being triggered. Apparently the airflow is cooling the nozzle also. The fans will need to be angled down slightly.

Edit… I’ve only seen this happen once so far so I’ll continue to test it. I have attached the modified Strengthened Extruder Mount to work with the Mangrove Carriage.
Strengthened Extruder for Mangrove Mount.stl (1.03 MB)